To make Vins des Broyers, three different processes are used. These choices are defined for each grape variety and terroir to extract the quintessence of the grapes in compliance with the Designations of Origin (AOCs).

Traditional Beaujolais winemaking in whole bunches (Red)

Red Beaujolais wines are processed in 3 stages.

Once the bunches are harvested and sorted, they are immediately placed in a tank to start the alcohol fermentation.

This initial phase lasts from 4 days to 3 weeks. The sugar contained in the grapes is transformed into alcohol.  The wine then starts to take its colour, produced by tannins.

The second stage consists of pressing and collecting the juices. The “run-off juices” are firstly extracted, then the fermented grapes are pressed to obtain the “press juices”. Then the two are assembled.

The juice obtained is placed in a tank for the first fermentation phase: the ageing then begins.

Traditional white Beaujolais and Burgundy wine-making process

Contrary to red grapes, white grapes are immediately pressed the day of their harvest then placed in a tank.

Alcohol fermentation only starts after pressing.

Jeu de Bulles wine-making process

The third method exclusively concerns our “Jeu de Bulles” made with Gamay grapes.

Once harvested, the grapes are pressed and undergo a brief alcohol fermentation (about 72 hours). This short fermentation produces three specific features: its pink colour, its low alcohol content (8% on average) and its slightly sweet taste.

Then comes the process that adds the sparkle to wine, described in detail in the bottling page: here

Ageing in casks

Once the traditional wine-making process is complete, wines are usually placed in tanks but they can also be put in casks (215 L / barrel). This is the case of our Juliénas and Moulin-à-Vent wines. This method gives the wine a woody, sometimes toasted character and provides the tannins that give it structure and longevity.

This stage can last several months to one year, depending on the result required.
We use “2 to 3 wine” casks that give a nice roundness to the wine.