The harvests

There are two types of harvest at the Château.

Hand-picking for the Red AOC wines and by machine for Jeu de Bulles.

Hand-picked harvesting

For the Beaujolais AOS, harvests must be hand-picked, in compliance with the Appellation’s specifications.

On the estate, harvests take 2 to 3 days, depending on the weather and quantity of grapes harvested.

The most beautiful bunches are then selected:

– An initial sorting is performed by the pickers;
– A second by sorters who, on a belt, check and remove any undesirable bunches.

Machine harvesting

On the estate, this approach can only be used for White Beaujolais Villages and Jeu de Bulles.

In this case, the machine harvests, removes stalks and any unsuitable grapes.

To optimize quality, a last manual check is maintained, as with the other AOCs.